Why do Artists and Labels upload their music to TopHit?

TopHit provides new music and video content to 1,100+ radio and TV stations in 40 countries.

The total audience of these broadcasters exceeds 200 million listeners per week. 23 radio stations are searching for new tracks on TopHit right now

Get your new track tested

and get feedback from radio stations and listeners before submission to broadcasters. Hundreds of music editors test new songs of all genres daily on TopHit. These are star hits and tracks of emerging artists. 12 new songs are being tested right now

Save time and money.

Upload your track to TopHit, test it, and see which radio stations download your song and play it on air. Instead of having to manually send your track to hundreds of stations and then call them up. Radio stations have downloaded 250 tracks on TopHit in the past 24 hours

Be aware of which cities and countries most often air your songs.

Use the TopHit Spy Telegram bot to track your broadcasts in real time. Like BTS, for example

TopHit Spy

Get donations from your fans.

All you need to do is register on the site as an Artist, test and submit your tracks and music videos on TopHit.

Join us as a winner of the Top Hit Music Awards.

Brilliant artists, most talented songwriters, creative producers, top execs of powerful labels and music publishers, radio networks and online platforms are honored each year with Top Hit Music Awards for their Internet and radio hits, as well as their most popular music videos. Become the "Discovery of the Year" for millions of fans worldwide and perform on the same stage with the stars! Here's what the stars have to say about TopHit