Track your songs on the air with TopHit Spy
Get paid for your music

Track your songs on the air with TopHit Spy Get paid for your music

TopHit Spy. The world's leading air tracker and music data source

TopHit Spy provides realtime radio tracking

of 1,548 radio stations across 38 countries, primarily in Europe and CIS-countries with a weekly reach of 305 millions radio listeners

Be aware of which cities and countries most often air your songs in.

Use the TopHit Spy Telegram bot to track your airs in real time like BTS fans do


Listen to what your song sounds like on the air in just a few clicks.

TopHit Spy records the airwaves of all radio stations and allows users to listen to the desired songs both in real time and up to 7 days after the broadcast

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TopHit Spy reports allow you to track the on-air history of each artist and each song.

90 artists and record labels track their 271 hits with TopHit Spy right now

TopHit Spy Report

TopHit Spy statistics help artists, songwriters and labels collect royalties efficiently.

130 artists and record labels downloaded quarterly and annual rotation reports on the use of 412 tracks on 1,346 radio stations over the past 12 months

A 1 week free TopHit Spy promo code is available to every artist who posts their new track on TopHit.

50 artists and record labels are tracking 871 of their radio hits with a free TopHit Spy promo code right now

TopHit Spy monitors 1 track for a month for 23 USD when the promo code expires.

Realtime monitoring feed is included. Additional daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports cost an extra money. Learn more about TopHit Spy pricing

Top Hit Music Award’s Participants and Winners get free TopHit Spy promo codes for large amounts.

This allows top artists, songwriters and labels to track the airwaves of all their radio hits

Here's what the music industry execs say about TopHit Spy

Dima Bilan, Russian pop star

«3,000,000+ airs of my tracks on the radio annually, counted by TopHit Spy - it's a win! Thanks to my team, radio stations and listeners, thanks TopHit Spy for those amazing stats!»

Khabib, Russian pop star

«TopHit Spy works fantastically! I can listen to all my hits on almost 1,000 radio stations in real time!»

Alyona Mikhailova,
Velvet Music founder & CEO

«When we got started with TopHit Spy, we were impressed by how many of our artists' songs are actually playing on air! TopHit Spy helps us to plan and conduct our promo campaigns. We also use it for understanding of expected royalties for Velvet Music' back catalog, broadcasted on air»

Denis Sattarov,
Zion Music founder & CEO

«No service on the market provides airplay detection on Niletto and our other artists' as TopHit Spy does. We also expect from TopHit Spy more coverage of radio stations in Western Europe and the United States»

Kirill Jam,
Effective Records founder & CEO

«Effective Records has been a leading dance label for many years. The Top Hit Music Awards are known as the "unbiased numbers award," and those numbers are provided by TopHit Spy. A great thanks to TopHit and TopHit Spy, to all of our artists, partners and team for making the music world a better place»

Igor Kraev,
Top Hit Corporation founder & CEO

«We created TopHit Spy to help songwriters, artists and labels connect with thousands of radio stations and get paid for broadcasted hits. And we're happy that TopHit Spy becomes a powerful tool for more creators and right holders globally»